Obtaining Premium Credit Cards as an International Student: Challenges and Solutions

International students often face difficulties when it comes to obtaining credit cards because many credit card companies require applicants to have a U.S. credit history and a Social Security number, which can be difficult for international students to establish. This is especially true for premium credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Platinum.

One of the main challenges for international students is the lack of a U.S. credit history, which can make it difficult for them to get approved for a credit card. Without this history, international students may be seen as a higher risk to the credit card company and may be denied a credit card as a result.

Another challenge for international students is the requirement of a Social Security number. Many credit card companies require applicants to have a Social Security number in order to apply for a credit card, but international students may not have one, as they are not eligible to receive one unless they are working in the U.S. This can make it difficult for international students to apply for a credit card, as they may not have the necessary documentation to do so.

Despite these challenges, there are options available for international students who are looking to obtain a credit card. Some credit card companies offer student credit cards, which are specifically designed for students who may not have a U.S. credit history. However, these cards often have lower credit limits, high interest rates, and poor rewards and member benefits.

Onyx Private offers an interesting alternative for international students. Onyx does not require any credit history or a Social Security number, and only requires a valid U.S. address to open an account. Onyx Private is a premium checking account with a metal debit card that provides similar rewards and member benefits as premium travel credit cards. By upgrading to an Onyx Private account, international students can receive a metal debit card with credit card rewards and exclusive benefits, as well as access to a 24/7 lifestyle concierge service.

Join Onyx now and upgrade your savings and spending with our premium membership. Enjoy 24/7 white-glove concierge service, exclusive member benefits, 3% APY on checking accounts, and 1-10% cashback on all your debit card purchases.

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