Letter From The Founder 

As the world becomes increasingly digital, self-service investing and banking platforms have proliferated. And that’s amazing because it means more people can learn to manage and grow their money. But, unlike private banks, these apps don’t offer the personal assistance that a private banker can provide with a white-glove premium service. In addition, they don’t serve young and affluent customers well. They also don’t provide access to alternative assets!

Over the next decade, a massive $15T of wealth will be transferred from the old to the new generation, yet 80% will seek a new financial advisor. The new generation of private banks will offer a unified digital-first banking and wealth solution that is white-glove and deeply personalized with both managed and self-directed capabilities.

Our CEO, Victor Santos, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, came across the need for Onyx Private himself! As a serial entrepreneur, he built and sold banQi, a neobank for the masses in his native Brazil. The bank had millions of users when he sold it and the buyer is one of Brazil’s biggest retailers. Victor was looking to invest the proceeds from the sale, but found that the incumbents accepted only bigger accounts and the newcomers’ apps were too simplistic and self directed!

He realized there was a market opportunity and quickly formed a new company. He brought his experienced executive team from banQi with him as his co-founders, Douglas (COO) and Tiago (CTO) who had helped him scale banQi. With a clear new value proposition, they felt confident in replicating their success.

Inspired by the possibilities, they built Onyx Private: a unified and fully digital premium banking and wealth management experience with a white glove 24/7 concierge service. Onyx Private is targeting affluent young professionals and providing them with financial services previously only available to the rich.

By sometime this year, we will launch a fully digital yet human financial advisor membership plan at a fraction of the price of private banks, all inside your app with small minimums and access to a variety of personalized alternative assets and estate/tax/financial planning services. 

We were accepted and graduated from Y Combinator, the storied Silicon Valley incubator and investor that helped launch companies to stardom such as Airbnb, Instacart, Coinbase, DoorDash, and others, through this process we learned that our core customer really wanted premium services. Onyx is also backed by Village Global, One Way Ventures, GFC, Goodwater Capital, Olive Tree Capital and many other famous investors. 

We hope you’re intrigued and have enjoyed learning a little bit more about us! Join Onyx to democratize and digitalize financial services previously only accessible to the ultra-rich. Click here.

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